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3D Bear Firework Lamp - Color Changing LED Night Light Home Decor

3D Bear Firework Lamp - Color Changing LED Night Light Home Decor

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3D atmosphere table lamp,
using 3D patterned glass lampshade with environmentally friendly ABS anti-wood grain bottom.

· 7 colors of 3D fireworks lights can automatically change color or manually switch colors.
The perfect shape design in warm light + RGB mixed light, Dazzling light colors enhance the surrounding environment.
Warm and romantic atmosphere.
· The 3-color fireworks Bear lights consist of warm light, white light, and natural light.
The 3-color bear light has more brightness adjustment than the 7-color version.
Purpose: auxiliary lighting, ambience decoration, small night lights, etc.

Product description
Size: Please see the detail page size diagram
Power: 5W+3W
Voltage: 5 V
Switch: USB direct plug (1.5 meter wire)

Material: environmentally friendly ABS
Debugging: manual switch (adjustable light color conversion)
Cool Tips:
1. This firework bear lamp is divided into 3 colors and 7 colors.
2. Options are divided into carton & carton free.
3. Please confirm the options before purchase.
4. The glass is designed in 3D, and the tiny dots on the glass are not blemishes, the light shines through each dot to create a fireworks effect.
if you have any questions can consult customer service, we will answer you as soon as possible.

  • 7 Colors Fireworks Bear A


1st. Press the button, warm and bright.

2nd. Press the switch, all colors change slowly.

3rd. Then press the switch. All colors should be converted faster.

4th. Then press the switch, you can choose different light, the color is fixed and does not flash.

3color stepless dimming

3 color fireworks bear lights: not only warm light, white light, natural light,

You can also adjust the brightness


When the light is turned off,

the bear's body is a silver 3D glass lampshade.

Look closely at the small colored dots on the glass.
When the light is turned on,

the light shines out from the dots,
create the effect of fireworks.

So it's not a flaw,
it's a 3D glass process.

The buttons for a 3-color light are different from those for a 7-color light
To avoid unnecessary trouble.
Please confirm the options before purchasing.

ABS Base

Non-slip base, not easy to shift

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